Friday, April 8, 2011

Inspired by Olivia Palermo...

She grew up on the Upper East Side, has a designer mother and dates a socialite boyfriend — Olivia Palermo, former cast member of The City, is the real-life version of the style-savvy Blair Waldorf.

For an Olivia-approved look, here are some similar pieces you can work into your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Who knows? The downtown sidewalk might as well be your Fifth Avenue stomping grounds. xoxo

Keep it classy

Style alert: Satiny black drape tunic dress + neutral blazer

Monoreno Leona Plum, $59.75, and Bijoux Fleur necklace (worn as a belt), $11, Belle Boutique

A splash of color

Style alert: Bright orange boyfriend blazer + tailored pants + pointed high heels

ASOS Tailored Draped Jacket, $80.69,

Military chic

Style alert: Military jacket + leather jeggings + laced-up booties + Mulberry handbag

Double Belted Tote and Shoulder, $38.17,

Easy breezy

Style alert: Faux fur vest + sheer pleated maxi dress + wingtip oxfords

Pleated Maxi Dress, $78,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


OH MY GOD- It has been a while since I last updated this blog.
Here we go again with my favorite spring trend: Maxi dresses

Everybody feelin' the maxi love?

♥♥♥♥How to wear a maxi dress


Rule number one- Don’t overkill it

Let the dress be the focus. Maxi dress by itself is a statement piece already; if you really want to flaunt the new necklace or bag you just bought, your best bet is to pair it up with a monotone maxi dress. Patterned maxi dress? Add nothing, really.

Also, try to mix and match, transform the maxi/tube dress into a long skirt and pair up with a tank top.

Rule number two- Know your body type

If you are one of the lucky ones who are slender enough, go ahead and play around with patterns, volume, and different texture such as sheer bottoms. But for the rest of us, don’t give up just yet. Stick to the form-fitting design that reveals your curve and especially accentuates your waist. Feel free to wear whatever colors you desire but the basics such as black, white and grey elongate your body the best.

Rule number three- Break away from the norm

The first and foremost thing is to get rid of the thought of wearing heels-not even wedges. The point is not to duplicate the red carpet look or to look polished; it’s about individuality and having fun with the lightweight, carefree characteristic of maxi dress. My recommendation for those who are still experimenting is to pair it up with gladiator sandals or cute flip-flops. Otherwise, lace-up oxfords and detailed flats are brilliant choices. Also, blazers (boyfriend or not) go pretty well with the maxi trend.

Some of my favs...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

nuvochocho's closet SALE + DIY

hey gals so here are some of the clothes, accessories and stuff that I'd want to sell.
there are not many details yet but feel free to shoot me an email or just comment below if you're interested
then I will post more photos/details:)
if not, a stop-by comment would be great too!


and scroll down to see my new DIY clothes! so much fun!

Cheap Monday Nova Bikini set (green)
(I'm selling it 20% off the sale price of 80's Purple!!)

Red cross body purse/bag from local boutique
very cute gold buckles design:)

H&M Navy Military Jacket
(cute details at the back and gold zippers on sleeves)

Hurley Black tube maxi dress

Velvet Party Dress from Hong Kong
worn once!

Black party dress from local boutique
worn once!

Lucky Brand Jeans T-shirt
loose boyfriend fit, excellent fake print details!

ZARA double layer dress

Floral print tube dress from local boutique

Thrift Navy dress

H&M Knit Dress

White Maxi Dress from Taiwan
can be worn as tube dress or skirt:)

Thrift velvet tube dress
ohhhh look at the floral print!

Victoria's Secret Pajama Pant
super cute pattern!

Urban Outfitters Unwired Bras
Black/Fuchia Pink
(but fits Small too! believe it or not it fits me just right if you want a very comfy, loose fit:)

Forever21 necklaces

Victoria's Secret Body Double Mist
used 1-2 times max.


This is my first time trying DIY/Modify my old clothes, pretty satisfied with the outcome:)

Cutoffs from a pair of ZARA denim

from a Lucky Brand Jeans T-shirt to a vest

from a Uniqlo T-shirt to a cropped shirt, love it!

what do you think?